The Preeclampsia Registry is a valuable resource that researchers can turn to when posing new questions, testing new hypotheses, and building study cohorts.  As a “living database” that includes extensive health and pregnancy history, pedigrees, natural history, clinical data and medical records, it also collects longitudinal data and has the capability to ask new questions of our participants.  The information collected is aligned with standards and definitions used in most current research efforts, therefore, the data is "user-friendly" to the most number of researchers.

Approved researchers will be able to access and analyze de-identified data, search for a study cohort, or use our clinical study recruitment services. The trust patients place in us is uncompromised; therefore, clinical studies must be IRB-approved and evaluated by our internal review board to ensure patient safety and relevance to our mission.

If you would like us to collect new information in the Registry or are interested in submitting a proposal to access Registry data please send an email to the Registry Coordinator at